from the heart of the chef...


After repeatedly being asked what my specialty for cooking is, I have discovered that my answer is "Anything I've never cooked before!". The research and development involved in creating simple, yet delicious menu items are the places of most enjoyment for what I do. It lets the customer be a part of the process of development during all trial... and error. Customer feedback during this process is key to make sure the menu is dialed in to personal tastes and flavors. That makes each party unique and I love that.

who are we?

We are a full-service event caterer. We present simple, yet delicious food that is reflecting its own brilliant, radiant beauty; enhancing every social gathering. No party too small, no budget too little. One of our specialties is working within every budget to provide a more than memorable event. Its our mission to have your mind rest easy so you can enjoy your event, letting us handle all the details.

training? experience? got it!


I attended Scottsdale Culinary Institute in 1997-98 learning the basics of the trade. Personal experience was gained through a 10 year temp position with a fine local catering company, where I learned the in and outs of this exciting industry. Since that time, I've continued periodic cooking out of love for it and have been blessed with consistent opportunities that have allowed for the development of own venture.


Doing my own catering started around 2011 as little opportunities came up to serve the folks in our church fellowship. One event lead to another over the years which would lead to a wedding, leading to another event. Thankfully this service has been born simply by word of mouth and I've been very intentional to not rush the process. There have been plenty of things done out of my own ambition and they've not turned out well! Thankfully this catering "gig" has come about in the right timing and I've been given a great crew of helpers to get it accomplished right.